Justin Jones

Democrat for U.S. Congress

This moment demands a new generation of leaders. We are organizing to fight for our communities, for our people, and for our future.

Join us.

We need new leadership to rebuild our democracy.

Our democracy, economy, and environment are all in crisis—we can’t expect help from the same politicians who led us here. We need bold action that matches the scale and urgency of these crises. This campaign is about our communities, families, and future.

We can't wait any longer.

Justin Jones speaking.

Justin Jones is an organizer and activist in Nashville.

Justin has fought for justice his entire life. He has organized for healthcare and against racist policing. He has led campaigns for the expansion of Medicaid in Tennessee and the repeal of restrictive state voter ID laws. For years, he has spoken truth to power in the offices of our elected officials.

Now is the time to challenge a political system that puts corporations before people. Our communities are working longer hours for lower wages while executives collect million-dollar bonuses. For too long, big money and corporate influence has blocked progress on healthcare, the environment, and economic justice. It is time for a new generation of leaders that will fight for people, not profits.

Building A Welcoming AmericaMedicare for AllAffordable, Equitable Higher EducationAn Economy for PeopleEnvironmental JusticeEnd Mass Incarceration


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Justin Jones for Congress

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